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tv   Worldfocus  PBS  November 18, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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tonight on "worlocus" -- rare pictures fr a mostly unseen war, the pakistani military says tt its oensive against th taliban and al qaa is succeedingbut are america's foes defeate orjust buying time for anher fig? ly half a year aer its captain was free a shoot-out, an american ship is attacked again by somali pirates. we take you to the amazon where one of the world'siggest oil companies is being sued by poor ecuadorians who accuseit of pollution they say is causg cancer. and fr israel, protests about divoe laws. are women there being given fair shake? is part two of our "signatureseries from that
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couny. from the world leading reporters and analystshere's wh's happening from around the world. this is "worldfocu" major support habeen provid byosalind p. walter and the ter g. peterson foundati, dedicated to promoting fialesponsibility d addressing key economic chalnges facing america's futu. and additional funding is provided by the foowing supporters- heo and good evening. i'm daljit dhaliwal. america's lationship with china may have its ups and downs, b one thing is rtain. no trip to that country by an american presint is nsidered comple without a vit to the great wall of china. toy it was president obama's turn to pose foris photo op on th 2,000-yr-old landmark, but lurking inhe background,as it
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has throughout obama's tourof asiais the issue of afghistan. soon he' expected to nounce his decion on the pentagon's quest for additional troops. cha, in a series of interviews with american television, the present said that his decion will, quote, put us on a path towards ending the war. he went on to say, my prerence would notto hand off anythingo the next president americanfficials have repeatedly said that the fight against the tiban in afghanistan is inextricably linked with the fight agains the talibanin nehboring pakistan. there the pakistani army h en engaged in a 4-ek-long offense against the militants in the pvince of south waristan. this weeforeign rerters were allowed into the regn for a oser look at howhe fight is going. this reporter froml jazeera engliswas one of them.
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>> reporter: the pakistani militaryays they've contained a fothold in sou wiristan, following itsall-out assault on the region las month. cut off from the outsid world, its a town on the edge tha is affected by the winds and rains. for now the land is parch dry. it is home to t masoot transcrisman. he would gher his m at this schoolnd address his followers. the city wasoverrun the taliban in pakistan. >>his was the fort which s attacked in nuary 20. therwas a platoon here. lf of them were exeted here, half escaped. it all sart from ere. they startedttacking our convoys, our forts, they pelled all the organization fr this area. then this becam a stronghold,
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their hideout, andt was working like aountain head of terrorm ofpakistan. >> reporter: the pakisti military when it launched its operions against south waziristan ainst the talan in pakistan,took over the town on more. the troops are n going o in the countryside wher theye battling remnants of the pakisti taliban and south ziristan. but it is quite edent that th destruction from thisongoing operation is quite high. the pakistani militar wand to use the wind of opptunity to consolate itsgain before the on set ofinter rnsand snow. our next stop wasnother valley surrounded by mountns. the litary commander who captured it says h men were met wi stiff resistance from the taliban and it to a lot of fire power to drive themout. the homes amongst the trees were
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eerily qet. before the mitary moved in, th told the local sidents to geout. nothey hope ty can return as soon athe localivilian administrations back working. ase flew bck to islamabad, e military was battlin for control. in spite th military gains, there is more fightin to com al jazeera, suth waziristan. for more on the offensive south waziristannd the latest developments in afghanistan 're joined by anthony cordesman from e center for strategic d internation studies in washingto thank you ry much for joining us on the ogram. >> a leasure. >> the have been reports that some of the liban fighters in south wazistan are uzbeksnd abs. what is the significanc of that? >> i think we have to understan that foreignvolunteers have en involved virtually ery conflict in thi region.
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these are almostomething you expe. they've been inse afghanistan, th've been to the north afghanistan an pakistan. at we're watching are movements which no longer are purely ntional in character. almost all of them have foreign volunteers. the volunteers tend to go where the fighting so when you have fighting in sout wazistan, almost inevitably you find foreign volunteers there. >> "the washingn post" report yesterday that hdreds of taliban fightersave melted into t hills arou south waziristan. does this mean thate can expect much longer guerrilla war there? what kind of inroads have the pakistani milita making there anyway? >> well,hat's a good question. and i think what peopl often don't understand is that it can take y about a year to find outven if you win whether it matters. the military uses the term mowing the grs. that means,es, you h some successes t in a week or soor
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a month or so the grass grows back and you have to do it again. and the way tt the pakistani my is fighting so far, it makes itasy for errillas and insurgents that e attackg to disbur disburse. they're creating a masse refugee oblem. it's not clear how man of the tribesmethat they are goin to alienate that are in the area where they're fighting and they've essentially bought off trib nearby that fght in afanistan but don't attackthe pakistani governmentdirectly. so it's ing to be quite a whileefore we know if this offensive really matters. >> well, is there a danger that the fhting in sout waziristan could sll over into neighboring afghanistan? and what does the campaign in south waziristan me for success in afghanistan? >> i think we have to be very caful about talki about spillover becae these people have been fighting in afghistan all along. this is a pakistani attac on a
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movementhich both supports the talibanin afghanistan and which is opposed to t kistani central vernment and creates problems for the pakistani military. and that's why it's so dficult to know. because simply scoring limited tactical gains, killing or wounding or imprisoning a limid numberof insurgents, without solving the problem of the polical sucture, the goveance, the economy, often can do more to alienate the local populationhan iimidate it. and if that happe,t's going to strengthen the attacks on afghanistan, nweaken them. >> are any of the teorist grps based in south wazistan the same a the ones that are attackinamerican troops in afghanistan? >> well, i think lot of these lals have reached the point whe nobody knows any more. there is almost a proliferati of names. but we kn from the movents
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of the groups invold that for year, at least theast two years, aot of the people who erate inakistan have operated in afghistan and vice vea. these are people who are patuns plus foreign volunteers plus networks. some of them aociated withhe afghan taliban, someith what's call the pakistani taliban. t they do t have clear lines. and ey do cross the border. >> all right. anthony cordesman, thank you ry much for joining us. >> thank you. today secretary of state hillary clintonrrived in afghanistan to attend toorrow's inauration of afgh president hamid karzai lateat the presential palace, she met withresident karzai she again called on karzai to with the rpant corruption plaguing his governmt, saying th u.s aid to afghanistan will be tied to those efrts. a reminr of just ho bad thproblem of corrtion is in afghanistan, today ashington post" quotes an
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american officl as saying that the afghan minter of mines accepted a30 million bribe to award that country largt mining proct to a chinese firm. according to the report, the minister received yment in exchange for awarding the chinese company the rigts to onof the world's larst reserves of copper. that minister is now reviewg offe for a massive iron e project in afghanian. same chise firm is sai to be the front-runner. and that bringsuso tonight's "how yo see i" our qution tonight,hould the united stas continue to give aido afghanistan if it doesn't clean up corruptn? you can tell us what you think by going to the "how you see it" section ofur website and that's at earli this year in a
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hijacking of the ameran sh "the murs can alabama" captivated the natio that high seas drama came to an end en ny s.e.a.s rescued the ship' crew and captain. today once again pires tried to hijackhe ship early this morning again whi traveling near the coa of somalia, the vessel wa attacked by pirateses, but th time thin came out differently. the shipow mannedy arme guards repelled the raid by gunfire and by what the associated press described as a high decibel noise device. accordg to the shp's sonar, everyone aboards dng fine. also from somal, it is being reported that a 20-year-olwoman was stod to death yesterday r having an affair with an unmarried man. the stoning ok place nearhe town of wazeed, 250miles nortest of the capital mogadishu.
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200 people witnessed the execution. many of somali is now und the control of ts, wh have instituted strict islam law. e stoning death is at least the fourth for adultery in somalia over the past ar. now we turn t atory with important implicationfor one of america'siggest coorations. in a case goingack all the way to 1993 the oil ant chevron is being sued in the sout american nation ecuador for llions of dollars over the dumping of toxic waste water into the amazon rain fores w after 16 years, a ruling in the case m benear. penny marshall brain's itn recently traveled to ecuadorfor firsthand look ta constro versy. >> reporter: hidden in theain forests of ecuar, enronmentalists say the rivs ar running poison from decades of oil drilling. we went to investite the aims that tochemicals have
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been systemacally dumped into the locawater smi and that for years people have be drinking contaminat water, which has made them ill. now in an unprecedented legal case, thousands of the world's poest people are suing one of the world richest ompanies, om they say caused this llful pollution. this girl is 5. ery time she drinks the local water her family fears sheis being poisod. on operated by texaco, the compy now owned by chevron. her father showed me tir stream, theionly sourcof water. it runs black with oil. we visited the family with a local vironmentalactivi. he dug into their soil. then mixed the sample with war to show the oil th family is forced to live with, eathe in and drk.
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are you rried about it? william told mehey were desperate to move away, to otect her health, but that they were too poor th sanchez family le in some of the world's densest amazonn rain forest. the pollut area cvers 1500 miles and includes hundreds of open oilpits. in places the surfaceil we und had turned t rain forest to an oily swamp. this abandoned pi is one of about 30 locals tell me have been left here and ty have to ve with. d it's fll of toxic ack tar. it's about two meterdeep. you can see fro this stic whici'mulling out, and it' just pure oil. this person so lives near another abandoned well.
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he took me to hisome and told me how his son had died of leukemia a also said that his wife w now sick with cancer. wh do you think caused the leukemia? "contaminaon" he told me, but chevron,he american company being ed, absolute deny any link between cancer and oil. lawyers for e locals, thoh, aim cancer deaths here are 14 higherhan in the rest of ecuador. who is responsible for this toxic mess and f cleani it up is at the heart of this case. chevron, who n owns texa, who erated hee, said it's being wrongly blamed and that e ecuadorian government and the ste chemical compan petro ecuador. we found someone frometro uador cleaning one of th pits. it's a start. but the court shold decide if
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chevn should payillions in ean up. it will be here where the case finally en after 16 ars, re than a milliondocuments. it will bene judge who makes the ruling. and whatever that is will have international implications for buness all over the wold. that's becse for the first time some of the poorest ople in the world, pople like the sanchez family, are taking on a multinational git. whereverilliam sanchez digs, he can't findny clean water to give his daughter to drink. whatever ogress and profit ecuador's oil brght to oers, it brought ltle to the people of the rain forest from whomt was taken. penn marshall, ecuador. asfor chevn's response to the allegatis contained in that report, it denies responsibility forhe problem. onts website, chevron says "without evidenc fts or
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und sciee, trial lawyers and their reesentatives continue to frly releas false and mislding information to deme chevron in an atmpt to recee a large fancial settlement we want to take a close ar look a indigenous movementin tin america. acrding to ourproducer here at "worldfocus" who follows tin america activismby indigeno groups in tha part of the world is on the increase. and in additn to concerns about the environment, they so have concernsbout access to educatn and job scrimination. fomore on that, we're joined byhristopher sabatini, the seniordirector of policy at the cocil of the americas herein neyork. chris, welcome back to the program. >> great to be back. >> so when we say digenous people, exactly who a we talking about,here are they and at kind of nuers? >> you're talking largely about 11% of the population in latin america. and it's a bro array of indigenous oups from chile all the way to mexico, to mexico to
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bolivia to zapotec and an array of indigenous grps in mexico. it represents the overwlmingly perctage of the poor in latin america. th's where centuries discrimination have bcked thei accesso ecomic. >> does this account for the inease in political activism wee seein >> thr primar reasons. one islobalization itself. these gros now have access to international groups at allow th to be able to get t word out and learn from others and mobilize and gain information about what others are doing. the second i globalizion itself in terms of ecomic reasons is the search for natural resources is now encroaching on a lot of their las. the amazonrea in brazil o th oil-rich areas i the interior of ecuador, peru, thes are area where indinous have
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traditionally lived upon and now international mpanies are now active in those areas. ththird area i democry itself. after in essence of t decades of of liberties they are gaining a voice that they culdn't before because the weren't demoatic systems. >> rig. also do the election of evo morales in bolivia in 20 also sort of increase consciousness and pitical awareness abt the fate of digenous people? >> yes. anthat really came as an arc of a longer process of indigenous organization at the cal level that happen primarilas a result of dentralization in places like bolivia andperu and ecuador that allowed indigenous area to form and gain access telected positions in regional governments and now 're seeing for the first time i places like boliviahich has a majority of indenous population made of two indigeus groupsow have an
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indigenous psident. you are now seeing somimes contentiou indigenous groups in plac like bolivia, ecuador and peru. >> chris sabatini, tnk you very muc >> thank you vy much. finay tonight part two of our "signature" series om israel. tonight aspect ofife there that y might not have heard a ole lot about. it's about that country's dirce loss. a growing number of israeli women insist they're uair. "worldfocu special corresndent martin himel has this report. [ whistle blowing ] >> reporter: these jesh women el ained, chned to husbands ty don't want. ained to husnds who refuse give them a divorce. they are marcng to the
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parliame to demand change in the marriage and divorceaws. only ortdox judaism and its la gern hook marry and who can divoe. and accordg to that la a woman can ly rceive a divorce if her husband agrees grant it. rena has been trying to get a divorce for three year >> as somebody who is also religious, i found a real manipulaon z of a religious body as a way of keeping a hold on women's lives, and in a really unjust wa >> reporte rena isow a hard working single mother raing a daughter oher own. d so it makes her especially angry that her husbandill only give his conse for divorceif she'll demand less chd support. complely fed up, rena decided that sincethe rabbis don't give her a divorce, sheill crea her own ritualo end her marria. shewrote a letter declaring her
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marriage null and void, and then she burnt it. later rena went t a river and washed hself off from the marriage >> i had decided to have m own vorce ritual and consider myself divorced and take the power away from th rabbisnd also realize tt even if i could, i wouldn't get marrd again, accordingo the rabbiniccourts because i think the syem is thoughly corrupt. >> reporter: theabinic jues reject the cusation. they claim theyl use all sorts of pressure tacts to force a mato consent to a divorce wh it iseemed necessary. >> we advise them to divorce. we say they mt divorce. and the third one is they're ligated to divorce. and tere is ao a possibility coercion, which means put them in il or put fines on them. and if somebodyfaces a teat of prison, you better g a divoe. >> reporter:he courts exercise imprisonment only as a last
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resort. >> they force you to give a vorce. they take e car, ta your accounts, t you inail for this. they can force a divorce. a husband doest want to give a divorce, then it is because feels he is righ you can't sell the hou because childreneed a home, okay? but ere are other things that are not fair. >> reporter:his person is not convinced. her husband, she says, is a adbeat dad. he does not pay mandatoryhild suppt. and the courts will not enforce a divoe because he allegedly was a reconciliation. i live in a countryhat calls itself democratic, that believes in the ghts of the individual. persally, i don't feel i have any rights. >> repter: endless petitions, endless legalork but no results. the cases facingnother
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appeal. acrding to her, sh is owed over $25,000 in child support. her husband haseenrrested four times. she's an observant jew. she musthave a relious divorce orhe won't remarry. >> jus to keep my sanity, please, free me of him! >> reporter: activis grou like dead end try to provide legal options f women like iella who have reaed a dead enwith the ranic courts but those options are severely limited. she's facing a real uphill battle to get a divorce. it's notust her persal issue any more, it s actually become an issue of the state. most israelis are not religious and they'retired of theabinic courts tling them when they can get marri and when they n get a divorce. this rbi believes the rabinic
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courts are ignoring modern society. he agre with many womethat the divoe laws are intolerae. >> ielieve that we must take some very definite steps in ordero allow woman who was in an imssible situation of marrge to be able to extricate heelf from such a situation. to do less i a desecrion of god's name and a deseation of jewish la >> reporte she petitionsthe cots for her elusivedivorce. to prevent such cases, the bbi says all rabs should demand prenuptial agreents where the husband is fced to give a divorce after 15 mons of separation. for "worldfocus" thi is martin himel in jerusalem. and th is "worldfocus" for is wednesda for mo international news and pepective, be sure to check out ou website at drop us a line about t program while yore there. i'm daljit dhalil in new york.
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thank you fojoining us. see u tomorrow. thank you fojoining us. see u tomorrow. bye. -- captions bvitac -- > major support for "worfocus" has been provided by ralind p. walter and thpeter g. peterson foundation, dedicad to promoting scal responsibility and addressing key economic chalnges facing america's future. d additional funding is proved by the following supporters --
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